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Are you looking for a professional windows and doors supplier and installer in Dubbo and surrounding areas? Western Plains Windows & Glass is a licensee of Bradnam’s Windows & doors, which is the leading manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows in Australia.

Why Should You Choose Aluminium Windows & Doors

Here is why you should consider aluminium as the preferred material for your windows and doors:
  • Durable – aluminium is corrosion-resistant and durable, which makes it a long-term investment that can last for decades.

  • Modern & elegant – you can choose from a wide range of colours to fit any décor.

  • Minimal maintenance – the experts recommend cleaning aluminium windows only a couple of times per year.

  • Eco-friendly – aluminium is recyclable, which means your old doors and window frames can be converted into other items once you want to replace them.
Glass Window With Aluminum Frame — Windows & Glass Services in Dubbo, NSW
Our company
Can supply custom aluminium windows and doors that fit your requirements perfectly. We also handle the installation process and provide a guarantee for our work. Our windows are all tested and designed to fit the specifics of the Australian climate.

Don’t hesitate to call us today to discuss your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve window and door protection in bush fire locations?
Meeting the Australian standards, and those specific for your area is the initial step to take in optimising bush fire protection. An expert can also assess your particular location, and suggest additional actions to take, such as using metal instead of fibreglass for the fly screens’ mesh.
What is the usual manufacturing lead time for aluminium windows and doors?
That varies from one project to another. Factors like the number of windows and doors you need, their sizes, and specific customisation might increase lead time. In most cases, everything should be ready for installation in no more than 2-3 weeks.
Which is a better material for windows – aluminium or PVC?
Each material has its advantages. PVC might be more affordable, but aluminium is a long-term and durable solution that is also eco-friendly.
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