Splashbacks in Dubbo


Protect Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces

Did you install a new kitchen and want to keep your walls protected from splashes? Would you like a beautiful glass splashback that is easy to maintain for your bathroom? In that case, look no further than Western Plains Windows & Glass. Our company is based in Dubbo, and we design custom splashback solutions to fit your particular needs. All our products are sourced locally, and we stay by your side during the entire process.

Our experts offer advice to get the design, dimensions and other specifics right. After the manufacturing process, our skilful technicians install the splashback in the desired position. We provide a guarantee and after-sales service on all our products!

Why Glass Is a Good Choice for a Splashback Material?

Glass is a popular solution for splashbacks, and with good reason. Here are the main benefits of using this material:

  • Reliable performance – tempered glass is scratch and heat-resistant and very durable.

  • Highly customisable – it is easy to fit the glass around electric sockets, light switches and other fixtures in your kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Easy to maintain – glass splashbacks are hygienic and easy to maintain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should a glass splashback be?
It depends on the application, but 4mm is the minimum thickness for a splashback. Whenever possible, the experts will recommend not going below 6mm when choosing splashback glass thickness.
Can you put glass splashback over tiles?
It is possible to place splashback directly over tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. It is important to apply silicone sealant to prevent water from going behind it.
Can a glass splashback crack from the heat?
If you use toughened glass for your splashback, you eliminate the odds of it cracking from heat. Additionally, tempered glass is chip and scratch-resistant to increase the lifespan and maintain the aesthetics of the splashback.
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