Commercial Glass in Dubbo


Professional Glass Solutions

Do you need a beautiful shopfront for your store? Are you looking for a high-quality mirror for your boutique? Whatever your needs, Western Plains Windows & Glass is at your service! We offer high-quality, custom commercial glass solutions for clients in Dubbo and beyond.

Custom Made Commercial Glass Solutions

We are a licensee of Bradnam’s, the premium windows and doors manufacturer known throughout Australia. Our products are made in our factory where we employ local trade people. We always support the local community, and we are ready to help you boost your property's reputation by finding the perfect glass solution for your needs!

Our experts are ready to guide you through the process. From consulting on the design and measuring the dimensions to manufacturing custom made glass and installing it—we are at your service!
Over the years, we have served many commercial clients, including:
  • Government buildings, such as city councils & cultural centres
  • Cafes & restaurants
  • Inns & hotels
  • Small shops & stores
  • Schools & hospitals

If you need a professional glass solution, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements!
Dubbo City Council — Windows & Glass Services in Dubbo, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my choice of glass affect the way my window looks?
The final product might look different, depending on the specifics of the glass. For example, low-E glass coating might make the glass slightly tinted. Commercial glass professionals will discuss all details of the design with you before the manufacturing process starts.
What are grilles?
Grilles are horizontal or vertical bars made from different materials. Many commercial properties use them on windows as an added security measure.
How do you know if you have safety glass?
If you have tempered or toughened glass, you can benefit from improved breakage and heat resistance. You might find a label on the glass indicating that it is tempered. If you don’t, look for completely smooth edges or imperfections on the surface. Alternatively, contact a professional to get an official confirmation.
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