Security Doors & Windows in Dubbo


Protect Your Property

You can never take the security of your property too seriously. That is why Western Plains Windows & Glass offers high-quality and dependable security doors and windows for homes and businesses in Dubbo.

Security windows and doors combine aesthetics with functionality. While looking beautiful and fitting the overall décor of your property, they also offer maximum protection against various forms of damage. That includes both criminals and severe weather conditions, which means installing them generates peace of mind.

Custom-Made Windows & Doors

There are instances where standard sizes do not fit your doors, windows and screens. That is where Western Plains & Glasses comes into play. We will take the necessary measurements and design customised windows in our factory. Local experts will go the extra mile to ensure everything fits perfectly.

You can choose between an extensive selection of designs and colours for your security doors and windows. Even if you saw the product in a magazine, we can make it for your specifications. Our experts will also take care of the installation and provide after-sales servicing when required.

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Security Glass Door — Windows & Glass Services in Dubbo, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open multiple security doors with a single key?
It is possible to open multiple security doors with a single key. However, you might need to order all the doors from the same manufacturer. Make sure to discuss the possibility of using a single key to open all doors before the manufacturing process starts.
Can you add a pet door to a security door?
If you find a manufacturer ready to fit the door to your specific requirements, they can add a pet door to the design too. The size of the pet door can vary to meet your expectations.
How to improve the security of my front door?
The use of security screens will add a lot of protection to your property. It would help to consider high-quality locks, outdoor lights with motion sensors and CCTV cameras. You can even try access control systems as an added security measure.
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