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In-House Timber Solutions

Do you need custom timber windows and doors in Dubbo? Western Plains Windows & Glass is ready to utilise vast skills and years of experience to help you find the right fit for your needs! We can guide you through the entire process, from suggesting the best timber to suit your budget to installing your doors and windows.

What Makes Timber a Great Choice for Doors & Windows?

If you are planning a renovation, but you still want to keep the traditional look of your home's exterior, timber is an excellent material choice.

Check out the main benefits of this material:
  • Excellent thermal resistance – the insulating properties of timber will keep your home warm and energy bills low.

  • A long-term investment – timber window and door frames are a smart investment since you don’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

  • Repaint them whenever you like – instead of replacing your timber frames, repaint them and give your windows and doors a fresh look!

  • Eco-friendly – timber is a natural material and an eco-friendly solution.
Timber Window — Windows & Glass Services in Dubbo, NSW
At Western Plains Windows & Glass
We offer custom-made products manufactured by local tradespeople. Our experts offer customised windows that fit your needs perfectly. Give us a call to discuss your requirements today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wood is the best choice for windows and doors?
Cedar, Merbau, Maple and Recycled Oregon are among the most common woods used for windows and doors. The choice will depend on your budget and preferences.
How long do timber windows last?
Timber windows can last for decades, depending on the quality of the wood, maintenance, climate specifics and other factors. In some cases, their lifespan goes over 50 years.
How to maintain timber windows?
The initial step is to clean your timber windows at least a couple of times per year. You should also inspect the coating surface annually, and re-coat if necessary. If you notice any chips and scratches, re-stain or re-paint them immediately.
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